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February 28th and March 1st - 2022 


Hyatt Regency - Columbus, Ohio   




This is our official "Call For Presentations and Speakers". We would like to invite you or someone you know to come and speak at our annual conference.


We are looking for 60 minute presentations. We have listed some ideas at the bottom of the page, however, we are open to ALL topics and suggestions related to our theme.
All presenters will receive a full conference registration package as a show of thanks for your participation. This is includes the conference, all food and hospitality.


If you are presenting at the conference and representing a public college/university, not-for-profit educational institution, fire department, not-for-profit organization, or governmental agency you can request a hotel scholarship (from us) to cover one nights stay at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. 

If you are presenting at the conference and representing a private college/university, business, including consulting firms, you will be responsible for the cost of your hotel stay.


We do not allow commercialization of our presentations, however you are permitted to give a brief overview of the company you represent and the services/products they/you provide.


 Suggested Subjects and Presentation Topics

1. Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement during a pandemic / Covid-9  
2. Fire Protection General - Fire Alarms, Sprinkler System, Fire Extinguishers, and others
3. Firefighter Health, Safety and Wellness
4. Community Risk Reduction
5. Fire Doors, fire walls, etc...
6. Commercial cooking - hoods, supression, etc...
7. Fire Inspection Practices and Principles
8. Code Updates - NFPA 13, 25, 72, International Fire Code, and others
9. Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement - All aspects.. legal issues, techniques, etc...
10. Large Assembly Events and Large Assembly Operations
11. Coordinating, Managing, and Understanding Fire Drills
12. Marketing Fire Safety and Fire Prevention
13. Mobile Food Truck(s) Fire Safety
14. Fire and Life Safety Public Education
15. Public Safety DAS & Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System
16. Fire Protection Systems how to effectively inspect, test and maintain your own equipment
17. Fire Safety in research facilities an/or chemical facilities
18. Mass Notification - Its more than just text messages and announcements....



 Submission Criteria -


To submit a presentation proposal please send the following information in an e-mail to: Presenter@LifeSafetyForum.org or click the submit proposal button below to launch an e-mail containing your submission.


I. Presenters name and contact information including e-mail addrss

II. Organization represented and job title

III. Title of the 60 minute presentation

III. 150 to 200 word abstract marketing description of the program

IV. Identify the 3 major learning outcomes of the presentation

V. The number of times and locatons this program has been presented 

VI. Resume or CV of the primary presenter


Presentation submissions are due by November 30, 2021

(this date was adjusted to meet requests for additional time)


All accepted powerpoint and presentation information will need to submitted to no later than January 15, 2022. 


Note:For accrediation purposes, all Fire Protection and Fire Code related powerpoint and presentation information must be submitted by December 20, 2021.



Questons concerning the presentation submittal process or anything related


Please e-mail us at Admin@LifeSafetyForum.org or click the e-mail icon below. Please do NOT send questions to the Presenter@LifeSafetyForum e-mail address as those go to a different team for review and recomendation.                                      



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